Cast Biographies

Steve Justice grew up in a household where he was immersed in the music of such artists as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, and Andy Williams. From his early teens, Steve would sing along with their music and learned all their music, such as My Way and Fly Me to the Moon, by heart. It was just 20 years later that Steve began performing their music for clubs and retirement homes. He now specializes in Frank Sinatra, working to bring to his act the subtle nuances that made Frank Sinatra the legend he was.
Over the years, Steve has added numerous artists to his repetoir, such as Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Neil Diamond and Elvis Presley. He now performs for private parties, fund-raisers, corporate events and singing telegrams.
Besides singing and teaching, Steve loves to play golf. When he has the time, he, his wife Suzanne, and their two long-haired Dachshunds hit the road in their 35 foot motorhome. They also have 37-year-old boy-girl twins.



Michael Sinatra is a Italian American Singer from San Diego California. Michael grew up in a multi-talented family, rich with a storied musical tradition. Like his father before him as child his interest in music started at a young age playing drums and percussion in concert, marching bands and symphony orchestras. Years later the crooner started singing and entertaining at public venues as well as country clubs and private events. His passion to perform big band, jazz, blues, italian crooner ballads and other song standards from "The Great American Song Book" inspired him to perform professionally. Michael packs enthusiastic energy into a powerful interactive performance and has been hailed by critics as “Excellent Entertainer”. Now you can find Michael entertaining at venues throughout the United States and recently this past summer in Europe. Also he just released a new EP with the The Dani Ahndreç Trio. Available now on iTunes Music Store, The Google Play Store, Amazon Music. and streaming on Spotify & Sound Cloud.